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Testimonials & Press!

Kathyrn Witt in Doll Directory, A Guide to U.S. Doll Museums, Collections, and Hospitals, Copyright 2005
".....the museum is home to one of the largest collections in the United states of nineteenth and early twentieth century French and German bisque head dolls.  ....The museum also has a Shirley Temple collection that begins with a 1936 Shirley and runs through 1984.  The many Madame Alexander dolls include early compositions and plastic dolls.  There are 1920s and 1930s compositions, mama dolls, ventriloquist dolls, foreign dolls, larger companion and baby walker dolls, and movie/television star dolls.  Rounding out the collection are Barbies and Annette Himsted dolls.  ...."

Dolls, September 2006. Yesterday's Children:  A Step Back in Time  By Kathy Witt
...the museum is a treat for guests who arrive in this pretty burg ....features everything from Lenci dolls to early Barbies.  .....over 1,000 dolls on display in the 1836 building on a brick-paved street lined charmingly with lamp posts.  .....one of the largest collections of 19th and early 20th century French and German bisque head dolls.....most French and German doll makers are represented.  .....has a Shirley Temple collection that begins with a rare 1934 Shirley in her original Texas Ranger ensemble.   .....has scads of Madam Alexanders and Nancy Ann Story Book dolls.  ..... has 1920s and 1930s composition "mama" dolls, ventriloquist dolls, foreign dolls,  large companion and walker dolls.  .....has a group of georgeous Barefoot Children by Annette Himstedt plus antique carousel horses and vintage teddy bears.  .....has Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, American Character's Tiny Tears and Sweet Sue, Ideal's Betsy Wetsy, Crissy, Velvet, and Patti Playpals, Mattel's Mrs Beasely and Tiny Chatty Brother, Coleco's Cabbage Patch Dolls, and a hodgepodge of other dolls...   .....back room has a collection of antique toys, trucks, and trains...

Michael Carlton, Southern Living Weekend Vacations Magazine, September 1998.

"Yesterday's Children Antique Doll and Toy Museum, 1104 Washington Street.  Little girls--and moms, too--will delight in this collection of dolls, including some priceless German bisque dolls.  But even Barbie isn't ignored in this pleasant retreat from the everyday world."

Carolyn Thornton, The Southern Traveler, January 29, 1995
Yesterday's Children Antique Doll and Toy Museum entertains old and young alike.  If you ever had a favorite doll or toy as a child, chances are you'll find it represented here........While you'll find stuffed animals, toy trains and trucks in the four rooms of the museum, dolls are the centerpiece---from Barbie to French-made Emile Jumeau dolls with bisque-porcelain faces and 'paperweight' eyes. There are larger-than-child-size antique dolls and a Sonja Heine look-alike made by Madame Alexander in 1938."Most intriguing are modern dolls made by Annette Himstedt in Germany (available for sale in the museum).  Expressive faces result from the children who pose for the dolls. Some are crying, some laughing, others pensive or curious."

Louvinia T. Smith, Doll Castle News, November & December 1987 
"You can recapture that fantasyland in a nostalgic trip through "Yesterday's Children Antique Doll Museum and Doll Shop.  It's a fun experience for children one to one hundred.  ....... "The museum contains a lovely collection, quite diversified, and encompasses a wonderful array of both antique and collectible dolls, even Barbies.  ....."You can enjoy the unique beauty and rarity of early bisque 19th century French and German dolls; view life-size French, Jumeau and German doll-masters' renditions of antique porcelain dolls; visit the twenties and thirties with early composition dolls; trace Madam Alexander dolls from early examples of the thirties to present day charmers; and remember the fifties and complete your historical doll tour with displays of plastic and vinyl dolls from 1950 through 1987.  .........."

Martin Northway, Endless Vacation, Article titled Cannons and Casinos, May  -  June 1995
"....you'll discover....Yesterday's Children Antique Doll and Toy Museum, located in an 1836 building and filled with more than 1,000 dolls and toys."

Sylvia Kenney, Vicksburg Post, in a Dec 22, 2002
"Doll Collection is Family Tradition for Museum Owner"

"Bakarich's collection includes more than 1,000 dolls, boys and girls' toys, and doll accessories from around the world and some that are pre-Civil War.  ....Museum visitors can take a guided or unassisted tour of the museum's rare, antique china and bisque porcelain French and German dolls.  .....  The collection also includes several original Shirley Temple dolls from various production periods, first production of Tiny Tears and Drink and Wet dolls, the first Scarlett O'Hara doll, teddy bears and doll accessories. ....."


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