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Armand Marseille, 1903,
donated by Ms McCool

The late Grace McCool, Arizona rancher and historian. 

Bring Your Old Dolls & Toys 
Back to Life!
Donate to Yesterday's Children! 

Have old dolls or toys taking up space in your attic that you feel would add to the Yesterday's Children experience?  

Old dolls and toys meant so much to someone special long ago and they could be special again.  a doll or toy never loses its wonder, regardless of its age, and a wonderful doll or toy is a terrible thing to have go to waste.

Yesterday's Children antique doll and toy museum accepts donated or "on loan" dolls and toys that enhance the visitors experience. We proudly display recent donations and donors on our web site.  

When you share your special dolls or toys with us, you also share them with visitors and writers who visit Vicksburg from all over the world.  These special products live again and their value to families and visitors in magnified many times over.

Have a toy or doll you think would be a great addition? 
E-Mail Carolyn!



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