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Ideal's Play Pal Dolls


Angela by Christine orange

Contemporary Dolls

These are wonderful dolls that children, moms, and even grandmoms grew up with: Barbies, Chatty Kathy, Cabbage Patch, and those that cry, walk, wet, and talk, like Wetsy Betsy and Tiny Tears.  Sure, you remember!.  A wonderful collection by American & European artists: Annett Himstedt, Bruno Rosselini, Christine Orange, Hildegard Gunzel, Lee Middleton, Madame Alexander, Rotraut Schrott, Virginia Turner, and Xavier Roberts.

How many Cabbage Patch dolls did you collect?  Did you get them all?  Bring us your list and compare against our families of dolls.  Bring your dolls and let them meet our doll family.  You might decide you would like them to stay with us. They would be welcome!


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